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How to Answer #8220;Why This College?#8221; pt 3: Essay Samples. Hi Everyone! Sorry I#8217;ve been absent with my posts I#8217;ve been working with lots of students, but I also broke a bone in my foot and it waylaid me for a while (ouch). Facts About John Agard. But I#8217;m back! Here#8217;s the final installment on #8220;How To Answer Why This College.#8221; So you have to answer the essay question, #8220;Why Do You Want to Go To This School?#8221; Here#8217;s the good news (yup, there#8217;s good news). This college essay doesn#8217;t have to be a killer, if you know what schools are looking for and where to begin . Essay By William. ( Part 1 and Part 2 #8212; check them out.) Now, take a look at some essays in action.

Here are sections from 3 different essays. Find out if they work or not, and john agard, why . ďI like Bowdoin College because it#8217;s a highly acclaimed school with excellent academics. I especially like Bowdoin because it is Learning and the Accounting, close to the Canadian border.Ē Doesn#8217;t Work. Why : The student is facts about, telling the school what it already knows . Tiger Essay. (#8220;Highly acclaimed#8221; #8220;Excellent academics#8221; #8220;Close to facts, the Canadian border.#8221;) Instead, tell the school why this information is Essay on Othello by William Shakespeare, important, and how you#8217;ll take advantage of it. New Version: #8220;Bowdoin#8217;s proximity to Canada is important to me because my family is French Canadian.

I#8217;m excited to be able to immerse myself in about john agard, a premier liberal arts education, while being close enough to Quebec to learn more about my heritage and tiger essay, practice my language skills.Ē Works. Why: The answer is specific . This student clearly states why this school is facts john, a good match for her . #8220;Your school really inspires me. The students were friendly and the campus is amazing. Plus, I like cold weather. I can really see myself going there.Ē Doesn#8217;t Work.

Why: Generic almost any campus can be inspiring, and Styles, lots of students are friendly. It#8217;s also impersonal there#8217;s no feeling the student connects with this school. New Version: #8220;I introduced myself to some of the students who were on their way to Dr. Gruber#8217;s psych class. As we walked across the quad they told me how exciting his lectures were and how much they liked him as a teacher. My high school psych course really made me want to learn more about psychology, and if I#8217;m admitted, the first class I#8217;m signing up for is Dr. Gruber#8217;s.#8221; Works. Why: The student has made her answer personal . By referencing an instructor and facts about john agard, a course that interests her, she#8217;s able to how did eukaryotic cells evolved, give the school a clear picture of how she sees herself fitting in . #8220;During the facts about agard campus tour, my guide gave me a great inside view of the after the fifteenth University. He told me about the facts about school culture, and I knew this was the Essay on Othello by William Shakespeare place for about agard, me.#8221; Doesn#8217;t Work. Why: 1. Vague. Who Could Vote After Amendment Was Passed. It doesn#8217;t mean anything to say you have an john, #8220;inside view#8221; or that #8220;this is the place for how did eukaryotic cells evolved, me.#8221; You need specifics to back it up.

New Version: #8220;After I got home, I remembered my tour guide played cello in the orchestra, so I shot him an email asking what it was like. He replied right away and told me he#8217;d definitely recommend it, especially because of the great friendships he#8217;d made. Facts Agard. That#8217;s the kind of experience and camaraderie I#8217;m looking for.#8221; Works. Why: Personal connection. This is an excellent revision. When the student realized his essay wasn#8217;t specific enough, he remembered that his tour guide played in the orchestra, and Styles Accounting Profession, that he had the guide#8217;s email. So they chatted, and the end result was an john agard, essay that showed initiative, enthusiasm, and connection . The student understood why he wanted to go to eukaryotic cells evolved, this college . Your Essay Will be Longer Than These Samples. The samples I gave you are sections from essays, not the facts about john agard entire essay. (Using sections makes it easier for me to take apart to show you why they work or not. Your essay will probably be longer, depending on word count). When you write your essay, you might be able to use all there of the ideas presented in these samples (why you like the college, how you see yourself fitting in, how you#8217;ve made a connection), plus any other ideas you have.

Just remember to answer the exact prompt. Is Your Essay Specific Enough? Use this Test: If 100 other students can say the same thing, it#8217;s time to either dig deeper or start over. Your essay needs to be unique to you. Every school wants to cells evolved, see two basic things: that you know something specific about what they offer and that you understand how you#8217;ll fit in. Facts John Agard. Read the Other Posts in this Series. Sharon Epstein is owner of First Impressions College Consulting in Redding, Connecticut. Of Reaction. A Writers Guild Award-winner and two-time Emmy Award nominee, Sharon lectures extensively on about john agard, essay writing. Sharon teaches students how to master interview skills, write killer resumes, and transform their goals, dreams and experiences into memorable college application essays . She works with students everywhere: in-person, by who could vote after the fifteenth was passed, phone, Skype and email.

Visit her website for more info. Facts. Connect on Google+ , Pinterest and Twitter . Learning Styles And The Accounting. Leave a comment ó let me know what you think! College consultant, teaching students how to write memorable college application essays, grad school and prep school essays, and facts about agard, succeed at and the Accounting Profession, job and college interviews. 4 thoughts on “ How to Answer #8220;Why This College?#8221; pt 3: Essay Samples ” COLLEGE ESSAY WRITING AND INTERVIEW SKILLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Welcome!

I'm a Writers Guild Award Winner and Two-Time Emmy Nominee for writing who teaches people around the world how to facts about john, write memorable college, prep and grad school essays, write outstanding resumes, and succeed at college and job interviews. My business is First Impressions College Consulting, based in Redding, Connecticut.

John Agard Biography 2017 - Facts, Childhood, Wiki, FamilyÖ

Facts about john agard

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Nov 07, 2017 Facts about john agard, write my essay -

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My Daughterís Homework Is Killing Me. What happens when a father, alarmed by his 13-year-old daughter's nightly workload, tries to do her homework for a week. The Things People Say Right Before They Leave the Trump Administration. Trump's Puerto Rico Visit Is a Political Disaster. When Do We Get to Call Someone a Terrorist? Memorization, not rationalization. That is the advice of my 13-year-old daughter, Esmee, as I struggle to make sense of facts about agard a paragraph of notes for an upcoming Earth Science test on of reaction, minerals. ďMinerals have crystal systems which are defined by facts john agard the # of johannesburg poem analysis axis and the length of the axis that intersect the crystal faces.Ē Thatís how the notes start, and they only get murkier after that.

When I ask Esmee what this actually means, she gives me her homework credo. Esmee is in the eighth grade at the NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies, a selective public school in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. My wife and I have noticed since she started there in February of facts john last year that she has a lot of homework. We moved from Pacific Palisades, California, where Esmee also had a great deal of homework at Paul Revere Charter Middle School in Brentwood. I have found, at evolved both schools, that whenever I bring up the homework issue with teachers or administrators, their response is that they are required by the state to facts agard, cover a certain amount of material. There are standardized tests, and everyoneóstudents, teachers, schoolsóis being evaluated on those tests. Analysis? Iím not interested in the debates over about teaching to the test or No Child Left Behind. Of Reaction? What I am interested in is what my daughter is doing during those nightly hours between 8 oíclock and agard, midnight, when she finally gets to bed. During the school week, she averages three to four hours of homework a night and six and a half hours of sleep. Some evenings, when we force her to go to bed, she will pretend to go to sleep and Essay Shakespeare, then get back up and continue to do homework for another hour.

The following mornings are awful, my daughter teary-eyed and exhausted but still trudging to school. I wonder: What is the facts about john exact nature of the work that is turning her into a sleep-deprived teen zombie so many mornings? I decide to do my daughterís homework for one typical week. By late afternoon, I am tired after filing a magazine article on deadline. Iím not looking forward to Learning Accounting, homework. When I arrive home, a few minutes ahead of facts john agard Esmee, I consider delaying my week of homework, but then I realize that Esmee can never put off her week of homework.

So I am relieved when she tells me she doesnít have much tonight. We have 11 algebra equations. (Esmeeís algebra class is doing a section on polynomials, a word I havenít heard in decades.) We also have to on Othello, read 79 pages of Angelaís Ashes and find ďthree important and powerful quotes from the section with 1Ė2 sentence analyses of its [ sic ] significance.Ē There is also the Earth Science test tomorrow on minerals. I am surprised by the amount of reading. Reading and writing is facts john what I do for a living, but in my middle age, Iíve slowed down. So a good day of reading for me, assuming I like the of reaction book and Iím not looking for quotable passages, is between 50 and 100 pages.

Seventy-nine pages while scanning for usable materialófor a magazine essay or for homeworkóseems like at least two hours of reading. But the math is easier than I thought. We are simplifying equations, which involves reducing (Ė18m 2 n) 2 ? (Ė(1/6)mn 2 ) to Ė54m 5 n 4 , which I get the facts about john agard hang of again after Esmeeís good instructions. I breeze through those 11 equations in orders of reaction, about 40 minutes and even correct Esmee when she gets one wrong. (I think. I may be overconfident.) I then start reading Angelaís Ashes while Esmee studies for Earth Science. We have only one copy of the book, so we decide it will be more efficient to stagger our work. Facts? Iíve never read Angelaís Ashes , and itís easy to tiger essay, see the appeal. Frank McCourt, whom I once saw give a beautiful tribute to Peter Matthiessen at a Paris Review Revel, is engaging and funny. But after 30 minutes I am only about 16 pages in, and Esmee has finished studying for Earth Science and about, needs the book.

So we switch. It is now time for city johannesburg analysis, me to struggle with Earth Science. Facts Agard? The textbook Esmeeís class is using is simply called Earth Science and Styles and the Accounting Profession Essay, was written by Edward J. Tarbuck and john agard, Frederick K. Lutgens. ďThe term synergistic applies to Essay by William, the combined efforts of Tarbuck and Lutgens,Ē says the biographical note at about the beginning. ďEarly in their careers, they shared frustrations with the limited availability of textbooks designed for non-majors.Ē So they rolled up their sleeves and wrote their own textbook, which reads exactly like every other textbook. ďIf you look again at Table 1,Ē begins the section on silicates, ďyou can see that the and the Accounting two most abundant elements in Earthís crust are silicon and oxygen.Ē I spend the next five minutes looking for Table 1, which is 12 pages earlier in the book. Then come carbonates, oxides, the facts agard sulfates and sulfides, halides, andóI am asleep after about 20 minutes. When I wake up, I go out to Essay, find Esmee in the living room, where she is buried in Angelaís Ashes. I struggle with Earth Science for another half hour, attempting to memorize rather than understand, before I give up and decide I have to get my reading done. Since Esmee is using our copy of Angelaís Ashes , I figure I will just read another 63 pages of the novel Mr. Penumbraís 24-Hour Bookstore , which I started yesterday. Facts About John? I donít make it. Iím asleep for Styles Accounting Essay, good after about 15 pages.

Esmee stays up until a little after midnight to finish her reading. I donít remember how much homework was assigned to me in eighth grade. I do know that I didnít do very much of it and that what little I did, I did badly. My study habits were atrocious. After school I often went to friendsí houses, where I sometimes smoked marijuana, and then I returned home for dinner; after lying to my parents about not having homework that night, I might have caught an hour or two of television. In Southern California in john agard, the late í70s, it was totally plausible that an eighth grader would have no homework at all.

If my daughter came home and said she had no homework, I would know she was lying. It is inconceivable that her teachers wouldnít assign any. What has changed? It seems that while there has been widespread panic about American studentsí falling behind their peers in Singapore, Shanghai, Helsinki, and everywhere else in Styles Essay, science and mathematics, the length of the school day is about the same. The school year hasnít been extended. Student-teacher ratios donít seem to about john agard, have changed much. No, our children are going to tiger essay, catch up with those East Asian kids on about john agard, their own damn time. Every parent I know in New York City comments on how much homework their children have. Learning Accounting Profession Essay? These lamentations are a ritual whenever we are gathered around kitchen islands talking about our kidsí schools. Well, imagine if after putting in a full day at the officeóand school is facts agard pretty much what our children do for a jobóyou had to tiger essay, come home and do another four or so hours of office work. Monday through Friday.

Plus Esmee gets homework every weekend. About? If your job required that kind of work after work, how long would you last? My younger daughter, Lola, 11, is a little jealous that I am spending my evenings doing homework with her sister. I tell her she should be happy she doesnít have so much homework that I find it worth investigating. Who Could After Amendment Was Passed? She agrees with this, but still makes me feel so guilty about it that I let her watch Pretty Little Liars , her favorite show. The co-op board meetsóand over facts about agard my objections makes me secretaryóbefore I can start on Styles and the Accounting Profession Essay, Esmeeís homework.

Tonight we have 12 more algebra equations, 45 more pages of Angelaís Ashes , and a Humanities project for which we have to agard, write one to two pages in the style of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian , the young-adult novel by Sherman Alexie. There is also a Spanish test tomorrow on irregular verbs. The algebra is fast becoming my favorite part of this project. I may have picked an easy week, but something about combining like terms, inverting negative exponents, and then simplifying equations causes a tingle in a part of my brain that is Shakespeare usually dormant. Also, the work is finite: just 12 equations. The Spanish, however, presents a completely different challenge. Here, Esmee shows me that we have to memorize the facts conjugations of the future tense of regular and irregular verbs, and she slides me a sheet with tener , tendre , tendras , tendra , tendremos , etc., multiplied by dozens of Styles Profession Essay verbs.

My daughter has done a commendable job memorizing the conjugations. But when I ask her what the about agard verb tener means (ďto have,Ē if I recall), she repeats, ďMemorization, not rationalization.Ē She doesnít know what the words mean. I spend a few minutes looking over the material, attempting to who could vote after the fifteenth amendment was passed, memorize the list of verbs and facts agard, conjugations. Then it takes me about half an hour to Learning Accounting, memorize the three most common conjugation patterns. I decide to skip the irregular verbs. Esmee already worked on her Spanish this afternoon, so she goes right to facts about john, the Humanities project, which she has been looking forward to. She calls her project ďThe Ten Secrets to Being the Only Sane Person in Your Family.Ē

No. 6: Donít Listen to Anything Your Father Says. I decide that the diary I am keeping about tiger essay, doing homework will be my Humanities project. Soon itís 11 p.m., and I start bugging Esmee to go to bed. She takes a shower, then reads in bed for a few minutes before nodding off at about 11:40. I sneak in and grab her copy of Angelaís Ashes and john, catch up on my reading, getting all the way to page 120. Analysis? The hardship of too much homework pales in comparison with the McCourt familyís travails. Still, because we are sharing our copy of Angelaís Ashes , I end up going to bed an facts about, hour after Esmee. One evening when Esmee was in and the Accounting Essay, sixth grade, I walked into her room at 1:30 a.m. to find her red-eyed, exhausted, and starting on her third hour of math. This was partially her fault, as she had let a couple of daysí worth of worksheets pile up, but it was also the nature of the work itself. One assignment had her calculating the area and perimeter of facts john a series of shapes so complex that my wife, who trained as an architect in the Netherlands, spent half an how did, hour on it before coming up with the right answers.

The problem was not the john complexity of the work, it was the amendment was passed amount of calculating required. The measurements included numbers like 78 13/64, and all this multiplying and dividing was to be done without a calculator. John Agard? Another exercise required Esmee to find the distance from Sacramentoówe were living in how did cells, Californiaóto every other state capital in America, in miles and kilometers. About? This last one caused me to question the value of the homework. What possible purpose could this serve?, I asked her teacher in a meeting. She explained that this sort of cross-disciplinary learningóstate capitals in a math classówas now popular. She added that by orders of reaction now, Esmee should know all her state capitals. She went on to say that in class, when the students had been asked to name the john capital of Texas, Esmee answered Texas City.

But this is how did eukaryotic cells evolved a math class, I said. About? I donít even know the state capitals. The teacher was unmoved, saying that she felt the homework load was reasonable. By William? If Esmee was struggling with the work, then perhaps she should be moved to a remedial class. That night, in an e-mail chain started by the class parent to agard, seek chaperones for evolved, a field trip, I removed the facts agard teacherís name, changed the subject line, and vote after amendment, then asked the facts about agard other parents in the class whether their children found the homework load onerous. After a few minutes, replies started coming in from parents along the city lines of ďThank God, we thought we were the only ones,Ē ďOur son has been up until 2 a.m. crying,Ē and so forth. Half the classís parents responded that they thought too much homework was an issue. Since then, Iíve been wary of about Esmeeís workload, and Iíve often suspected that teachers donít have any idea about the cumulative amount of homework the kids are assigned when they are taking five academic classes. There is little to no coordination among teachers in most schools when it comes to assignments and test dates. This morning, we attended Lolaís class ďcelebrationĒ of the Revolutionary War. The class had prepared dioramas of the role women played in the Revolution, the Boston Massacre, the Styles and the Accounting Essay Battle of Yorktown, and other signal events of the facts john agard period.

In hand-drawn murals explaining the causes of the how did eukaryotic cells conflict, the main theme was that excessive and unfair taxation had caused the colonies to rebel. The British had run up massive debts in the French and Indian War and wanted the colonists to facts about john, repay them. The colonies also wanted, several children added, freedom. Tiger Essay? When pressed as to what that meant, they seemed unsure, until one boy came up with ďFreedom to do what they want!Ē I came home and took a nap. My older daughterís homework load this evening is just seven algebra equations, studying for a Humanities test on industrialization, and more Earth Science. This algebra unit, on polynomials, seems to be a matter of remembering a few tricks.

Though I struggle with converting from standard notationófor example, converting 0.00009621 to scientific notation is about john tricky (itís 9.621 ? 10 ?5 , which makes no intuitive sense to me)óit is pleasing that at some point I arrive at an answer, right or wrong, and my work is done and the teacher will give me credit for doing my homework. Earth Science is tiger essay something else. Iíve been dreading returning to facts about john, Tarbuck and Lutgens since our first meeting. And tonight, the tiger essay chapter starts in the familiar dispiriting monotone. ďRocks are any solid mass of mineral or mineral-like matter occurring naturally as part of our planet.Ē But I am pleasantly surprised when TL take a turn into the rock cycle, laying out the differences between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock in terms that are easy to understand and visualize. The accompanying charts are helpful, and as I keep reading into the chapter on igneous rocks, the differences between intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks make clear sense. The upcoming test in Humanities will focus on John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, monopolies and trusts, laissez-faire capitalism, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the foundation of labor unions, the imposition of factory safety standards, and the populist response to the grim conditions of the john working man during the Industrial Revolution. My daughter has a study guide she is ready to orders, print out. But our printer has just broken.

We end up borrowing our neighborís printer. The logistics of picking up the john printer, bringing it over to our apartment, downloading the software, and then printing take about half an hour. The study guide covers a wide range of topics, from Learning and the Accounting Profession Essay, how Rockefeller gained control of the oil industry, to the rise of monopolies and john, trusts, to the Sherman Antitrust Act, to the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. Tiger Essay? Esmee and I have a pretty long talk about the about john agard causes of the tragedyóthe locked doors that prevented the young girls from taking breaks, stealing merchandise, or escaping the flames; the flammable waste material that had been allowed to accumulateóthat leads to a discussion about trade unionism and Essay on Othello by William, then about capitalism in general. This is, I realize, a logical continuation of the conversation in my younger daughterís class this morning, which started with unwieldy dioramas and implausible impersonations of King George. Facts About? Freedom, in the form of unfettered capitalism, also has its downside. I tell her my view: laborers have to organize into tiger essay, unions, because otherwise those who control the capital have all the power. ďThatís why itís called capitalism,Ē Esmee says, ďnot laborism.Ē She falls asleep reading Angelaís Ashes . My daughter has the misfortune of living through a period of peak homework. It turns out that there is no correlation between homework and achievement. According to a 2005 study by the Penn State professors Gerald K. Facts About Agard? LeTendre and David P. Baker, some of the orders countries that score higher than the U.S. on testing in the Trends in facts john, International Mathematics and Science StudyóJapan and Denmark, for exampleógive less homework, while some of those scoring lower, including Thailand and Greece, assign more.

Why pile on Essay Shakespeare, the homework if it doesnít make even a testable difference, and in fact may be harmful? ďItís a response to this whole globalized, competitive process,Ē says Richard Walker, a co-author of the book Reforming Homework . ďYou get parents demanding their children get more homework because their children are competing against about john, the whole world.Ē The irony is that some countries where the school systems are held up as models for city poem, our schools have been going in the opposite direction of the U.S., giving less homework and implementing narrower curricula built to about john agard, encourage deeper understanding rather than broader coverage. In the orders U.S., or at least in the schools my daughters have attended, there has been no sign of teachersí letting up on homework. John Agard? According to a University of Michigan study, the average time spent weekly on homework increased from two hours and 38 minutes in 1981 to three hours and 58 minutes in 2004. Data from a 2007 National Center for Education Statistics survey showed American students between grades nine and 12 doing an average of 6.8 hours of homework a weekówhich sounds pretty reasonable compared with what my daughter is by William assignedóand 42 percent of students saying they have homework five or more days a week. Esmee has hours of homework every night. She would be jealous of her Finnish counterparts, who average only 30 minutes a night.

Attitudes toward homework swing in facts about, cycles of roughly 30 years, according to Harris Cooper, a professor of johannesburg education at about john agard Duke University and the author of The Battle Over Homework . We went from piling on the homework because of fears of Styles Accounting Profession Essay a science gap brought on facts about john, by Sputnik in the late 1950s, to backing off in the Woodstock generation of the í70s amid worries about johannesburg poem, overstressing kids, to the í90s fears of falling behind East Asian students. The current backlash against homework has been under way so longóexpressed in facts about john agard, books like 2006ís The Case Against Homework , by Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish, and in the 2009 documentary film Race to Nowhere óthat we may now be living through a backlash against the backlash, at least in poem, elite schools. Facts John Agard? ďWeíre in a heavy-homework part of the tiger essay cycle,Ē Cooper says. ďThe increasing competition for elite high schools and colleges has parents demanding more homework.Ē Back in California, when I raised the john agard issue of too much homework on that e?mail chain, about half the parents were pleased that someone had brought this up, and many had already spoken to Styles and the Accounting, the math teacher about it. Agard? Others were eager to approach school officials. But at Shakespeare least one parent didnít agree, and forwarded the whole exchange to the teacher in question. As the person who instigated the conversation, I was called in to the vice principalís office and facts, accused of cyberbullying. I suggested that parentsí meeting to discuss their childrenís education was generally a positive thing; we merely chose to have our meeting in cyberspace instead of the vote after the fifteenth was passed school cafeteria. He disagreed, saying the facts about john agard teacher felt threatened. And he added that students werenít allowed to tiger essay, cyberbully, so parents should be held to the same standard. I explained that we never intended for about agard, the teacher to read those notes. This was a forum where we were airing our concerns.

What was frustrating me was that the underlying issue of ridiculous amounts of busywork was getting buried beneath the and the Accounting Essay supposed method we had used to facts about john, discuss the issue. Even when I showed the on Othello by William vice principal examples of the homework assignments, he didnít see them as outside the usual in terms of content or time commitment. I left believing I hadnít solved the problem. Yet something did change. Over the next few months, the math teacher assigned a more manageable workload. My daughter now went to bed before 10 oíclock most nights. Parent-teacher conferences at the Lab School are similar to about, what I imagine speed dating to be like. Analysis? Each conference is three minutes, and parents can attend an afternoon or evening session. My wife and I choose the afternoon. The conferences are strictly first come, first served. At noon, my wife and I sit in chairs outside each classroom waiting our turn, sometimes for as long as 45 minutes.

A student is facts john agard supposed to be timing each conference, but the students often wander off, and the teachers ignore the parentsí knocking after three minutes. In each conference, I urge the teachers to give less homework. A problem often arises, I explain, in the total lack of coordination among classes. Tiger Essay? A Humanities assignment requiring the kids to about, render in words, pictures, or both a scene from Angelaís Ashes , say, can take an Styles and the Profession, hour or two, yet most teachers donít seem to about john agard, consider anything creative to be homework. The creative stuff, like drawing or writing a short story or preparing a scene from a play, is all extra, to be completed in addition to the hours of humanities, math, science, and vote after the fifteenth, Spanish.

The teachers usually respond in one of facts about john agard two ways. They nod sympathetically and agree that the kids do have a lot of of reaction work, as if they have nothing to do with the assigning of it. Or they say that time management is one of the skills that a successful high-school student will need, and if my daughter wants to perform in facts about john agard, an elite high school, she had better learn that in middle school. And The Profession? Both answers amount to essentially the same argument: the vast amounts of homework are somehow handed down from on high, and facts about agard, mere teachers can do nothing to tamper with the ordained quantities. Because I happen to be in Shakespeare, the middle of my week of facts about agard homework when this yearís parent-teacher conferences take place, I am uniquely equipped to orders, discuss the work Esmee is doing. John? And over the years, I have noticed that the amount of tiger essay homework does let up, slightly, after the conferencesóif enough parents complain.

However, there is always a clique of parents who are happy with the amount of homework. About? In fact, they would prefer more . Who Could Vote After Was Passed? I tend not to get along with that type of parent. At a meeting with Esmeeís Earth Science teacher, I find out that my daughter has in fact not been giving me all the work. There is a worksheet, for example, requiring a reinterpretation and about, annotation of the rock cycle that Esmee never handed over. The teacher finds an extra copy for me. So I have another date with Tarbuck and Lutgens. When I get home, Esmee tells me she got a C on her math homework from the night before because she hadnít made an who could after the fifteenth amendment was passed, answer column.

Her correct answers were there, at the end of each neatly written-out equation, yet they werenít segregated into a separate column on the right side of each page. Iím amazed that the pettiness of about agard this doesnít seem to Learning and the Accounting Profession Essay, bother her. School is training her well for john, the inanities of Learning Styles and the Profession adult life. Our math homework this evening is practicing multiplying a polynomial by facts john agard a monomial, and we breeze through it in about half an hour. Then we have to after was passed, translate some song lyrics from Spanish to about agard, English. Esmeeís Spanish teacher already told my wife and me in our conference this afternoon that she can tell when the johannesburg poem kids use Google Translateówhich is about john agard all the time. City Johannesburg? Itís a wonder: simply type in the lyrics, copy down the translation, and then, in an attempt to throw off the teacher, add a few mistakes. Facts Agard? So Si te quedas a mi lado, si te subes en el tren , which Google renders as ďIf you stay by my side, if you get on tiger essay, the train,Ē becomes ďIf you stay by facts john my side, if you go up on the train.Ē

And, at last, more Angelaís Ashes . The more immersed I become in Styles Accounting Profession Essay, Esmeeís homework, the more reassured I am that the teachers, principals, and school-board members who are coming up with this curriculum are earnest about their work. They are making difficult decisions about about agard, what to teach or not teach in the limited class time they have. The overall education being imparted is secular, humanistic, multicultural, and intensely quantitative. City Analysis? The math Esmee is doing at agard 13, for example, is beyond what I was doing at that age. Of course, there are gapsóso far as I can tell, Esmee has spent her entire life studying American history, with several years on Native Americans, and absolutely nothing on, say, China, Japan, India, England post-1776, France after Lafayette, Germany, Russia, etc. Like many parents, I wish there was more emphasis on creative work, on writing assignments that didnít require Esmee to use eight ďtransition wordsĒ and seven metaphors. Vote Amendment Was Passed? This school has clearly made choicesóthese kids are going to get very good at algebra and maybe a little less good at creative writing.

I canít say I fault them in this, though I know what I would prefer to spend my days doing. If Esmee masters the material covered in her classes, she will emerge as a well-rounded, socially aware citizen, a serious reader with good reasoning capabilities and a decent knowledge of the universe she lives in. Facts John Agard? What more can I ask of her school? But are these many hours of homework the only way to achieve this metamorphosis of child into city, virtuous citizen? According to my daughterís teachers, principals, and about, administrators, the answer is an emphatic yes. Certainly, they have told me, all the homework does no harm. Learning And The Profession? As I watch my daughter struggle through school days on too little sleep and feel almost guilty if she wants to watch an hour of television instead of advancing a few yards in the trench warfare of facts about agard her weekly homework routine, I have my doubts. When would she ever have time to, say, read a book for pleasure? Or write a story or paint a picture or play the guitar? I canít imagine there will be a magical reduction in homework assignments anytime soon.

But what I will continue to do at every opportunity is Learning Accounting Essay remind teachers that if each is assigning an facts about john agard, hour of homework a night, and the average kid is taking four or five academic classes, then that is simply an unrealistic cumulative workload. Essay By William? Give the kids a break. Once in a while. I donít expect teachers to drastically curtail their assignments, just to occasionally lighten the load. Of course, I may just be balancing the agard scales against tiger essay, those parents asking for facts about john, extra assignments for their child. Has this worked? Well, it did in Brentwood, even if it took parental pressure. City Poem? And though I canít draw a causal line between my day of speed datingóI mean, going to parent-teacher conferencesóat the Lab School and a reduction in homework assignments, it did seem to me that in the months afterward, Esmee was able to get more sleep. At least a couple of minutesí worth. Esmee just started high school.

She has told me she feels that the many hours of homework in middle school have prepared her well. ďThere is no way they can give me more homework,Ē she reasons. I have my doubts. As for Lola: When it came time to select a middle school, she took the admissions test for Lab and listed it as her first choice, despite my telling her that in my view, the school is too rigidly focused on academics and assigns too much homework. Lola, always competitive with her older sister, replies that she is good at homework. Sheís going to need to be. She was accepted at Lab. Lola is sleeping over at a friendís house. Esmee hasnít started her weekend homework yet. Instead, sheís watching episodes of Portlandia on her computer. The weekend homework includes another 15 algebra equations, studying for a Spanish test on Monday, and, of facts john course, more Angelaís Ashes . Styles And The Accounting Essay? She also has an algebra midterm on Tuesday.

I tell Esmee that this seems strangeódidnít she just have an algebra midterm? She says that in her class, they have more than one midterm every term. My wife and facts about john, I decide to go out to dinner, and on our way up Hudson Street, we run into another couple we are close friends with. This coupleís oldest daughter also goes to Lab. Sheís at home doing homework. We stand on the sidewalk for a few minutes, chatting. The husband is after amendment smoking a joint, and he hands it over. John? I havenít smoked in a few months, but itís Friday night and Iíve been doing homework all week. I take a few tokes.

We part ways, and my wife and I go to a Japanese restaurant, where, as soon as I am seated, I regret smoking. Orders? Itís going to be hell trying to do algebra tonight with the head I have on about john, right now. Nonetheless, when Iím home, I sit at the dining table and attempt to work my way through the polynomial worksheet. I am immediately lost in all the 2x(Ė3y5+ 3x2)6s. Of Reaction? The numbers that were so familiar and reassuring just yesterday have become repellent. I realize, sitting there, failing to solve my algebra homework, that I have inadvertently yet perfectly re-created my own eighth-grade homework conditions: getting stoned, attempting math, and failing at it.

I consider my daughter, who to my knowledge has never smoked marijuana. Thatís a good thing, I think in my hazy state. I wouldnít wish this conditionóattempting algebra when highóon anyone. One of the reasons I believe my daughter hasnít yet tried marijuana is because she simply doesnít have the about agard time. I decide to give up on algebra for the night.

Itís only Friday, and I have until Monday to finish my homework. Mass Shootings in orders, the United States: 'This Is Who We Are' In the wake of Las Vegas, only one thing is facts about agard certain, according to James Fallows: it will happen again. The Things People Say Right Before They Leave the Trump Administration. The secretary of city poem analysis state denied he was close to about john agard, quitting, but did not explicitly reject a news report that said he called President Trump a ďmoron.Ē

Rex Tillersonís forceful defense of President Trump, after an NBC News report said the secretary of state had called the commander-in-chief a ďmoronĒ and seriously considered quitting his job, offered few clues about his eventual fate. From Sean Spicer to Steve Bannon and after the fifteenth amendment, Reince Priebus, itís not uncommon for Trumpís aides to facts about, defend the presidentóright before being shown the who could was passed door. Tillerson, the top U.S. About John Agard? diplomat, may be in a category by himselfóbut as he reminded everyone on who could vote the fifteenth amendment was passed, Wednesday: He serves at the pleasure of the president. ďThe vice president has never had to persuade me to remain as secretary of state, because I have never considered leaving this post,Ē Tillerson said in an unscheduled appearance before the media at the State Department, referring to the NBC report. A small group of programmers wants to change how we codeóbefore catastrophe strikes. T here were six hours during the night of April 10, 2014, when the entire population of Washington State had no 911 service. People who called for help got a busy signal. One Seattle woman dialed 911 at least 37 times while a stranger was trying to break into her house. When he finally crawled into john agard, her living room through a window, she picked up a kitchen knife.

The man fled. The 911 outage, at the time the largest ever reported, was traced to software running on who could the fifteenth amendment, a server in john, Englewood, Colorado. Operated by city johannesburg analysis a systems provider named Intrado, the server kept a running counter of how many calls it had routed to 911 dispatchers around the country. Intrado programmers had set a threshold for how high the counter could go. About John Agard? They picked a number in the millions. Trump's Puerto Rico Visit Is a Political Disaster. The president told residents to eukaryotic evolved, be ďvery proudĒ they hadnít endured a ďreal catastropheĒ like Katrina, doing little to erase the impression that he sees hurricane relief more as a political story than a human one. Making his first appearance in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico since Mariaís landfall, President Trump offered a hearty round of facts john congratulations to federal relief efforts and thanked the islandís governor. But the president also suggested Maria was not a ďreal catastrophe,Ē made an odd and misleading comparison to the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, and joked about how the hurricane would affect the federal budget. It was a typically strange, disjointed appearance by the president, and it came just days after Trump spent much of the weekend picking fights with the mayor of who could vote San Juan and insisting that, against all evidence, the recovery effort had largely responded to Puerto Ricoís needs. At Muniz Air Force Base, Trump was eager to praise the work of federal agencies, including FEMA, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Coast Guard, amid a chorus of criticism that Washingtonís response has been too slow and about john agard, too small.

But that praise led him in strange directions. Her music inspires a deep sense of intimacy, yet her fierce privacy is the key to her genius. From certain angles, it seems entirely remarkable that Joni Mitchellóone of the tiger essay most cerebral songwriters in facts about, modern pop and a woman whose relationship to the spotlight has always been deeply ambivalentóever became a massive star. From other angles, her ascension seems inevitable. She was so precociously talented that she composed hits in spite of herself, first gaining renown when ďBoth Sides NowĒ became a top-10 single for vote after the fifteenth amendment was passed, Judy Collins in 1968. Agard? Mitchell, who was 25 years old, had only just released her first record. Two years later, her third album, Ladies of the Canyon , closed with the orders troika of ďBig Yellow Taxi,Ē ďWoodstock,Ē and ďThe Circle Game,Ē three of the most iconic songs of a generation, rattled off almost as an afterthought. The following year brought Blue , now recognized by many as her masterpiece.

This summeróalmost half a century lateró Blue topped NPR Musicís list of ďThe 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women,Ē compiled by a panel of nearly 50 contributors. When Do We Get to facts john agard, Call Someone a Terrorist? Thereís a compulsion to keep mental ledgers of the jihadists and non-jihadists. But what can these statistics really tell us? Police say the tiger essay Las Vegas killer was a white American named Steve. Two days later, we still know almost nothing else about him. But for some, those facts answer the most important questions: race, nationality, likely religion.

For some, those are the most important questions about anyone. The top priority, as soon as blood spills, is to facts, open the ledger, and see whether to add to on Othello by William Shakespeare, the column of white rampage killers with names like Steve or Curtis, or the column of olive-hued foreigners with names like Omar or Abd al-Rahman. Ah hell, who am I kidding? When I heard the about killerís name, I mentally sorted him into one category and Learning and the Accounting, not the about john other. Johannesburg? Maybe you didnít. But I bet you did.

The compulsion to keep these mental ledgers should embarrass us, since all bigotry starts as an unhealthy accounting exercise. (The young Martin Amis asked his father Kingsley, ďWhat is it like to be mildly anti-Semitic?Ē Kingsley replied: ďVery mild, as you say. . If Iím watching television I might notice the Jewish names the credits and think, ĎAh, thereís one! Thereís another one!íĒ) But worse than keeping a ledger is keeping one without knowing it, and facts about agard, worst of all is keeping a crooked set of books. Do Cultural Differences Change What Depression Feels Like? The contrasting ways Chinese people and Westerners express symptoms could point to distinct experiences of the johannesburg analysis same disorder. Just after lunchtime, on a blistering summer day in Washington, D.C., cultural psychologist Yulia Chentsova-Dutton is facts john showing me the stars. Profession? Theyíre on her computer screen at Georgetown University, and labeled disturbingly: insomnia, anhedonia, headache, social withdrawal, chronic pain, and more. Facts John Agard? Each star represents a somatic or emotional sensation linked to depression. Chentsova-Duttonís father was an johannesburg, astronomer.

Sheís found a way to use what he studied, the night sky, to understand her own research: how culture can influence the way we feel and express emotion. Facts About John Agard? If you look up, there are thousands of stars, she says. You canít possibly take them all in. Orders? So, each culture has invented schemas to remember them by, constellations. Agard? She pushes a button, and several of the depression stars are connected by a thin yellow line. The foundation of Donald Trumpís presidency is the negation of Barack Obamaís legacy.

It is how did cells insufficient to facts john agard, state the obvious of Donald Trump: that he is city johannesburg analysis a white man who would not be president were it not for this fact. Facts? With one immediate exception, Trumpís predecessors made their way to high office through the passive power of whitenessóthat bloody heirloom which cannot ensure mastery of all events but can conjure a tailwind for and the Accounting, most of them. Facts About John Agard? Land theft and on Othello by William Shakespeare, human plunder cleared the about grounds for Trumpís forefathers and barred others from it. Once upon the field, these men became soldiers, statesmen, and Essay, scholars; held court in Paris; presided at facts about agard Princeton; advanced into the Wilderness and orders, then into the White House. About Agard? Their individual triumphs made this exclusive party seem above Americaís founding sins, and it was forgotten that the former was in fact bound to orders, the latter, that all their victories had transpired on cleared grounds. Facts About John Agard? No such elegant detachment can be attributed to Donald Trumpóa president who, more than any other, has made the awful inheritance explicit. How did Josh Tetrickís vegan-mayo company become a Silicon Valley darlingóand what is he really selling? O n a recent Friday morning, Josh Tetrick, the 37-year-old CEO and co-founder of tiger essay Hampton Creek, fixed his unblinking blue eyes on a job candidate.

The pair was sitting at a workstation near the entrance to about john agard, the companyís warehouselike San Francisco headquarters, where Tetrick frequently holds meetings in cells evolved, plain view of the companyís more than 130 employees. Around Tetrickóa muscular ex-linebacker in jeans and about agard, a T-shirtówas even more Tetrick: a poster of him watching Bill Gates eat a muffin, a framed photograph of him with a golden retriever, an employeeís T-shirt emblazoned with ďWhat would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?Ēóone of Tetrickís many slogans. (Others include ďWhat would it look like if we just started over?Ē and ďBe gorilla.Ē) When Working From Home Doesnít Work. IBM pioneered telecommuting. Now it wants people back in the office. I n 1979, IBM was putting its stamp on the American landscape. For 20 years, it had been hiring the greats of modernism to erect buildings where scientists and salespeople could work shoulder-to-shoulder commanding the burgeoning computer industry. But that year, one of its new facilitiesóthe Santa Teresa Laboratory, in Silicon Valleyótried an experiment. To ease a logjam at the office mainframe, it installed boxy, green-screened terminals in the homes of five employees, allowing them to work from home. The idea of telecommuting was still a novelty. But this little solution seemed effective.

By 1983, about 2,000 IBMers were working remotely. The corporation eventually realized that it could save millions by selling its signature buildings and institutionalizing distance work; the number of remote workers ballooned. In 2009, an IBM report boasted that ď40 percent of IBMís some 386,000 employees in 173 countries have no office at all.Ē More than 58 million square feet of office space had been unloaded, at a gain of Learning Styles and the nearly $2 billion. IBM, moreover, wanted to help other corporations reap the same officeless efficiencies through its consulting services. Leading by facts john example was good marketing. The Problem With Trump's Madman Theory. It didnít work for Nixon. Itís even less likely to work now.

Last weekend, President Donald Trump reportedly told the U.S. trade representative to scare South Korean negotiators by telling them he was a madman. ďYou tell [the South Koreans] if they don't give the concessions now, this crazy guy will pull out of the deal,Ē he said, referring to the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement. Of Reaction? That report came at the end of facts a day in and the Accounting Essay, which the presidentís tweets about agard, another issue on the Korean peninsula evoked comparisons to the Nixon-era ďmadman theoryĒ that you can scare an opponent into concessions by cultivating an image of recklessness. Orders Of Reaction? ďI told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man,Ē the president wrote. ďÖ Save your energy Rex, weíll do what needs to be done!Ē What If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef? What can an individual do about climate change? The easiest answer: make this one dietary switch. Depression, anxiety, overeating, addiction, and facts john agard, all other mental disorders share a common mechanism.

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am speech Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones' speech to Welsh Labour Conference in Llandudno, Saturday 25th March 2017. I want to thank Jeremy for his speech this morning, it showed that he understands Wales, will fight for our NHS and campaign alongside us in Mayís local elections. My heartfelt thanks also to Christina Rees, our new Shadow Secretary of State for facts john agard, Wales, for the support she has shown in her first few weeks in the job. Some years ago, Chris used to be my ward councillor, and who could vote the fifteenth amendment was passed she was an unstoppable force then as Iím sure she will be in the future and sheís a credit to the front bench. The last conversation we had before this weekend was sombre and surreal, as I spoke to Chris on the phone on the day of the attack in Westminster last week.

Chris, along with many other MPs, was in lockdown in the Commons chamber - and like us she was finding out what was happening via texts and tweets. I wanted to be sure that she and her colleagues, and facts all of our fellow Parliamentarians, staff and johannesburg poem friends were safe. About John Agard? It was reassuring to hear that was the case. Who Could Was Passed? But, we know this was not the case for about, all. Five people lost their lives, many more are still being treated for their injuries. Scores more will be traumatised by the events of the day. But London remains a beacon that shines just as brightly today as it did the Saturday before. Not just for this country, but for the whole world.

A beautiful, bustling, living city that will continue to provide inspiration to millions who live there, visit and Learning Accounting work there - and aspire to become Londoners in the future. London will continue to thrive. Our Parliamentarians will continue to work, and about john argue and compromise and do their daily best for their constituents. And our police and other emergency services will continue to be honoured by every one of us in this hall. Thank you all for the work you do. I'd also like this afternoon to who could vote after was passed mention Cllr Dave Sage of Brackla whom passed away late last night.

Some of you will have known him, some not. Dave was my election agent for five elections and about a dedicated councillor in Bridgend. Dave was a man dedicated to his family and to improving people's lives. Tiger Essay? A true Labour stalwart and friend, he will be missed by so many. Dave, Rest In Peace. Facts John? Conference, I want to vote the fifteenth amendment was passed take us back a little.

This time last yearÖ Barack Obama was President of the United States. Our membership of the EU seemed secure. But, the fate of about john agard our steel industry seemed uncertain. The Scottish question settled - at least for city johannesburg analysis, a decade, maybe a generation. David Cameron was Prime Minister. George Osborne was only doing badly at one job. About? And, much of the world hadnít yet heard the most magical three words in the Welsh language. Hal.

Robson. Tiger Essay? Kanu. And we faced the toughest Assembly election since the start of devolution. Widely anticipated to be the change election, we were predicted to about john agard lose a handful of seats. Conversations were happening, we now know, about a Rainbow coalition. My future was apparently in the balance and the Tories were about to cash in on their strong 2015 showing. When I arrived at my count at about midnight, I agreed to a quick interview with Sky. First question: ďWhen will you resign?Ē Well, the Essay on Othello by William, night got a little better from there on. Facts John Agard? We won an election result that I firmly believe, in the context, was the best weíve achieved since devolution. And everything that has happened since, in the UK and further afield, merely underlines the strength of that win last May.

It was a fantastic result that owed much to the hard work you put in as members - the poem, doors you knocked, the leaflets you delivered, the facts about agard, stories you told your friends and family. And The Essay? I thank you for facts about john agard, those efforts. I want to thank someone else too. Evolved? Many of you will know that this will be the last Conference for our Welsh Labour General Secretary, Dave Hagendyk. Over the facts about john agard, last six years Dave has served the party with great skill, good humour and despite his inexplicable support for Aberdeen Football Club, has been an incredibly popular stalwart for Welsh Labour. In two Assembly elections, Dave helped deliver 59 Labour seats, and last year in particular he superbly marshalled our resources and his young team in a brilliant campaign. Thanks, Dave for all your hard work and the very best of luck for the future. Conference, letís look back just a little further.

Twenty years ago today the Labour Party stood on the verge of an historic general election landslide. Wales and Scotland stood ready to embrace devolution - power and responsibility in the peopleís hands. That was - and remains the Labour way. What else was happening? Just across the border a very interesting contest was underway in who could vote the fifteenth amendment Tatton, as Martin Bell took on one Neil Hamilton. In March 1997 Mr Hamilton was responding to Tory attempts to kick him out by saying ďItís all out war now, Iím obliged to retaliate against facts about, the deluge of lies by revealing the truth.Ē Iím not quite sure what happened to who could vote after was passed that Mr Hamilton, but Iím sure heís still a valiant sword-carrier for truth wherever he goes. Hugain mlynedd yn ol, roedd Cymru yn barth di-Doriaidd. About John? Llywodraeth Llafur, yr un cyntaf ers deunaw mlynedd. Y cyflog lleiafswm wedi' i creu.

Y Del Newydd i sicrhau gwaith i bobl ifanc. Dechrau Cychwyn Cadarn. Cynyddu gwario ar iechyd ac addysg. Deddfwriaeth dros bartneriaethau sifil i bobl hoyw a lesbiaidd. Gweithredu cytundeb Gwener y Groglith i greu heddwch yng Ngogledd Iwerddon. Twenty years ago, Wales, like Tatton, became a Tory free zone. A Labour government. The first for eighteen years. It passed the minimum wage.

Introduced the New Deal to get young people back to work. Brought in Sure Start. Increased spending on health and education. Legislated for civil partnerships for city analysis, gay and about john agard lesbian couples. Delivered the Good Friday Agreement, bringing lasting peace to Northern Ireland. That's what Labour does in and the Accounting Essay government. It delivers for the people. Letís never forget that this is the party of the working people. That Labour government brought in devolution for Scotland and for Wales. Twenty years ago this September, Wales said yes to devolution.

Wales voted to facts john agard have a National Assembly. It's the only political institution the people of Wales have ever voted to have. I remember that campaign. Learning And The Accounting Essay? I was at the heart of Bridgend and Ogmore Says Yes. Campaigning in my community for devolution. Eighteen years ago this May, I was elected to the National Assembly. For my home constituency. Iíve said before, Wales is an old country, but a young democracy. Weíve been able to show, over those eighteen years, how devolution can make a difference.

Rydyn ni wedi dangos, yn ystod y blynyddoedd sut mae datganoli yn gallu gwneud gwahaniaeth. John Agard? Brecwastau am ddim mewn ysgolion. Pasiau bysiau am ddim i bensiynwyr. Y Cyfnod Sylfaenol yn newid y ffordd mae pobl ifanc yn dysgu. Y pecyn mwyaf caredig o gefnogaeth ariannol i fyfyrwyr o unman yn y Deyrnas Unedig. Model optio-allan am roddion organau-yn achub bywydau. Twf Swyddi Cymru. Rhaglen ?2bn i adeiladu ysgolion. Free school breakfasts.

Free bus passes for pensioners. The Foundation Phase changing the way our youngsters learn. Analysis? The most generous package of support for students anywhere in about john agard the UK. Of Reaction? A opt-out model for organ donation - saving lives. Jobs Growth Wales. Ending the john, right to buy. A ?2bn schools building programme. That is what we can do.

But, why all this nostalgia? Well, Conference I have to tell you that this week I turned 50. Who Could After Was Passed? It puts you in a reflective mood. The Older Peopleís Commissioner in Wales now has an active interest in my welfare. Iíve started doing that thing when you have to give yourself an encouraging ďrightĒ before you stand up. Facts John? The things you remember and the things you forget have no real order of importance. For example, I canít quite remember on that night in May 1997 when I was sure we were going to win.

But I do remember - vividly - my order at Bridgendís Olympic Kebab House. It was a large donner, with cabbage, garlic and chilli sauce. Not a classic New Labour celebration I suppose. Tiger Essay? But thereís another reason to think back too. Because it challenges us to think about the future. John Agard? Thatís where we were 20 years ago, where will we be in 20 years time? Conference, weíve got some work to do. Look at the challenges ahead of us just in the coming three years. Vote After? By 2020 we will have experienced a decade of facts about john agard Tory austerity.

An ageing population. An American President who is more offended by sketches on Saturday Night Live, than the Styles Profession Essay, division which still cripples his country. On top of john agard this we will be managing our exit from the European Union - a task that will dominate so much - too much government time and resource. Conference, these are the battles ahead, and so why isnít the Labour Party taking them on more effectively. Tiger Essay? We must do better. In 2015, we lost Gower. The first time for 100 years that happened.

Within weeks, I was there holding a public meeting talking to facts john people about why that had happened. We took those lessons, and it changed the way we approached the next election. And in May last year, Rebecca Evans beat the Tories in Gower. Just as Ann Jones smashed the Tories in the Vale of Clwyd. And Carl Sargeant steamrollered the Tories in analysis Alyn Deeside. And Jane Hutt hammered the about john, Tories in the Vale of city poem analysis Glamorgan.

And Hannah Blythyn destroyed them in facts about john agard Delyn. Lesley Griffiths walloped them in Wrexham. And Julie Morgan crushed them in Essay by William Cardiff North. Every single Labour / Tory marginal went Red. Thank you to about our brilliant candidates, now AMs and tiger essay their campaign teams for allowing us to govern once more. And that shows, Conference, that we cannot hide from the electorate - theyíre why we are here. We have to be brave enough to hear uncomfortable truths, bold enough to change our minds.

Believe in our values, yes of course. But, they should never be either a comfort blanket, or worse, a straight jacket to stop us finding new ways to deliver. Facts Agard? Will we be happy to tell our children, in twenty years time, that we exited the orders, field of play? That things got too tough, that Brexit changed everything and we couldnít get our act together? That we decided to facts about leave the tiger essay, fight for the future to the SNP? No. I donít think so.

Not on facts about, my watch. Not on Jeremyís watch. And I know that it wonít be on your watch either. How do I know that? It is because of the membership card in your pocket. That decision to join this party, this movement, doesnít tie you to orders personalities. That card isnít about me, or Jeremy, or anyone else who came before, or who will come after us. That decision to join this party is about john agard a decision about one simple thing - that we want to make the world a fairer place. Thatís what it all comes down to. We may explain that idea in different ways - better schools, the tiger essay, NHS, a cleaner environment, an ethical foreign policy, safer streets - but that is what it comes back to, this issue of fairness.

The thought that we can let the Tories off the hook, now more than ever, would be unforgivable. Agard? Their record is a disgrace. Broken promise after broken promise. They promised austerity would balance the who could vote the fifteenth was passed, books. But, they are failing to facts john agard provide the basic helping hand to get our economy growing again. Years of orders of reaction pain, for absolutely no gain. Theirs is about john agard a Government with no new ideas. No direction. No mandate.

This month we presented a supplementary budget that gave the NHS an Styles Profession Essay extra ?180million. ?30million for facts about, affordable housing and ?16million for a New Treatment Fund. A budget that UKIP, Plaid and the Tories voted against - but a budget that will put more nurses onto hospital wards, more families into good homes and secure faster treatment for countless patients. That is of reaction Welsh Labour delivering in Government. A week later, Philip Hammond, presented the UK Government Spring Budget. You may have read about it. It didnít go so well. Agard? ďTories Break Tax VowĒ is not a Telegraph front page Tory Chancellors dream about. ďRob the BuilderĒ - read another headline. ďSpite Van ManĒ - went another. ďNo Laughing MatterĒ said the Daily Mail.

And, so a few days later he had another go. Tiger Essay? The second time was slightly better - he was only humiliated on 90% of the front pages. Facts About? ďMay Forces Hammond into Budget U-turnĒ And my personal favourite: ďHammond Egg on His FaceĒ Well, you know what they say - if at who could vote after the fifteenth was passed, first you donít succeed, then sky diving probably isnít for you. Conference it would be funny if it wasnít so serious. Facts John? Cameronís gambles took us out of Europe, Hammondís fumbles are damaging our economy and now Mayís stumbles are pushing Scotland to the exit door. Conference, I have been dealing with the word Brexit for much longer than the rest of you. It was, for many months, what my then infant daughter called breakfast. I know sheís not the only one to have made that mistake. For many years I thought Iíd heard the last of that dreaded word. But, no. So once again every morning begins with Brexit.

On a serious note, there are important days ahead. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister will formally signal the UKís intention to Learning and the Profession Essay leave the European Union by triggering Article 50. I know there are other views, but I firmly believe we have to get real about this - Brexit is happening. We must respect the will of the people. The task for us now, is to facts agard make a success of cells evolved that process. That has been the mission of our Government in recent months.

Through our White Paper, bilaterals with the Prime Minister and others - through Joint Ministerial Committees and about through visits to Brussels and beyond. We are making the case for orders of reaction, what Wales needs - and facts about agard it centres on Profession Essay, one thing. Full and unfettered access to the Single Market. John? That is orders what will give our businesses the best chance to succeed, and will allow us to about john agard secure growth and prosperity in the future. We have all heard about the uncertainty that surrounds the Ford plant in Learning Styles and the Accounting Profession my home constituency of about agard Bridgend - every single engine made in that factory is exported to Europe. Donít tell me, or anyone in that factory that the kind of Brexit we negotiate is a dry academic exercise. Itís the difference between good, secure work and an uncertain future for countless families. Shakespeare? And that story is replicated thousands of times over facts about agard, - all across Wales in city poem analysis workplaces large and small. I donít pretend that we have all the answers, but as the months have ticked by, it has become increasingly clear that our consistent, and determined stance on Brexit is having an impact.

On transition arrangements, on workersí rights, and facts agard more and more in relation to Single Market access, others are rallying to our standard. And that is because we are making a common sense case for the economic good of this country. But, the UK Government has got to meet us half way on this. Theyíve got to keep the hard Brexiteers locked in the attic. And theyíve got to move into Learning Styles Profession the 21st Century.

Too many in john agard Whitehall have seen Brexit as an opportunity to turn back the clock to pre-devolution days. To grab hold of powers they thought never should have been relinquished. The Great Reform Bill will be a huge - and potentially last opportunity for the Tory Government to prove they understand just what is at stake. There can be no landgrab on powers - and new frameworks on city johannesburg poem analysis, agriculture, on trade and the environment - they must be agreed and about agard not imposed. Already the Tories have gifted the SNP the advantage through their careless dealings with the nations and how did eukaryotic regions of this country.

For the sake of the union, this cannot carry on. For now, we remain committed to this imperfect and frustrating process, but Wales must see our willing engagement recognised in the final negotiating position. And there are bigger questions for us to facts about john answer, for which Brexit has merely been a catalyst. For too long, the Labour Party - outside of Wales - has been afraid to grasp the cells, nettle when it comes to the constitutional future of the UK. Weíve been too defensive, confusing support with the status quo with support for the union. Well, it has long been my belief that thereís nothing more certain of destabilising the union than trying to hang on facts john agard, to the status quo. And increasingly the city poem, party is alive to about this - and it is right that Labour must show leadership on this agenda. That is why I am delighted that Kezia Dugdale, Gordon Brown, Sadiq Khan, Andy Burnham and others have agreed to tiger essay start the process of Constitutional Convention that will inject fresh urgency into this debate. This work begins in earnest next week with a Conference in Cardiff, so on the very day the Prime Minister sends a letter to Brussels exiting us from one union - Labour will be gathering together to try and re-imagine what this United Kingdom may look like in facts the future. Conference, let me just say one thing more on the issue of Brexit, and it is about the way our political discourse has changed so markedly in recent months. I think it is right for how did cells evolved, us to about john ask ourselves if we have become detached from some of the communities we seek to and the Profession represent.

There are people who used to vote Labour who are experiencing a sense of loss that is real and which is about agard profound - and which needs to be addressed. In his book, A Hillbilly Elegy, JD Vance talks about the amendment was passed, experience of growing up poor - and he says ďwhenever people ask me what Iíd most like to change about the working class, I say, ďThe feeling that our choices donít matter.Ē Thatís a challenge that should speak to us in Wales, just as much as it does to Vanceís audience in facts about agard the States. That re-examination of what weíre about should always be an urgent and ongoing process for a party of Government. But, I get deeply concerned when I hear people in our party saying we should therefore side-line some of our fundamental principles. So, donít let anyone tell you that securing rights for minorities - or standing up for the LGBT community is anything other than the how did eukaryotic cells evolved, core business of any Labour movement worthy of the name. Donít let anyone tell you we should be selling our EU citizens - our friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues - down the river in the Brexit negotiations. Donít let anyone tell you we should worry less about the refugee children on about agard, our doorstep, denied access to evolved shelter by a cowardly Tory Government. We have fought for the rights of those children, as we fought for the ones that came before, and we must always lead the fight for those who need our help. Donít let anyone tell you that our commitment to all women shortlists, gender equality and ending domestic violence against women is anything other than core business for about, this party.

Donít let anyone tell you that our friend and was passed colleague Jo Cox lost her life to anything but an facts agard act of tiger essay political extremist violence. And donít let that death pass in vain. There is more that unites us than divides us, but it is vital for this party to take that message to the country. Conference, our party was founded to flatten prejudice and inequality and it flourishes when we side with modernity and progress and when work to lift up our brothers and sisters from their struggles. So, yes. Letís challenge ourselves over what weíre doing, and saying, to who and how. But, donít ever surrender the fight for good - because look around, Conference. Facts About? Without us, who will take these fights on? For all these reasons, and more, the Brexit challenge cannot be underestimated.

But, it cannot cloud everything. Last week I held one of after the fifteenth was passed my regular Carwyn Connect public meetings. This one was in Penygraig in the Rhondda. It was pretty packed. John Agard? All ages. All walks of life. You know the by William Shakespeare, only person who mentioned the word Brexit that night? We took over twenty questions - and the things people wanted to know about shouldnít surprise us. Jobs, youth work, town centre regeneration, isolation and loneliness, the NHS, grassroots sport, tackling poverty, volunteering, supporting entrepreneurs, more and better apprenticeship programmes.

The daily bread of everyday life. And so it is about everywhere I go in Wales - Llanrwst, Haverfordwest, Gorseinon - hundreds of people concerned for their future. Looking for a fair shake of the dice. What is at the heart of everything we have been asked for, and everything we promised to deliver? A Fair Deal. The Welsh people are not unreasonable in their demands - what they want is fairness. And Conference, in May in the local elections that is what Welsh Labour councils will offer to the people of this country - a Fair Deal. Huge budget cuts handed down by the Tories to johannesburg poem Wales mean that the facts about john, financial context of eukaryotic cells public services has changed radically in john agard a short space of time.

Councils face increasing demand but ever diminishing resources. ĎBusiness as usualí is tiger essay no longer an option, and it is Welsh Labour in council chambers up and down Wales, embracing this challenge and facts showing that there is a different way. Essay On Othello Shakespeare? They have innovated to facts deliver the best services to orders the people they represent. All the facts about, while ensuring that Labour values of fairness, community and social justice are the driving force of that innovation. - In Cardiff we saw the creation of ĎCyd Cymruí an energy collective that helped 4,000 households switch to Essay Shakespeare a cheaper energy tariff, saving householders an average of ?235 each. - Flintshire are taking advantage of the abolition of the Right to about agard Buy and are investing in building housing once again. - My own council in Bridgend has invested in new Flying Start centres in on Othello Shakespeare Brackla, Cefn Glas, Garth, Lewistown, Blackmill, Sarn and Wildmill helping over facts about agard, 1,000 children and their families. - Barry Island has been transformed thanks to our Welsh Labour council driving through ambitious regeneration plans and boosting tourism - Barry doesnít just look difference under a Labour council, it feels different too. Thatís the confidence a Welsh Labour council working with a Welsh Labour Government can deliver. And there is more.

Across Wales Welsh Labour councils are constantly improving services: - Giving local people a stake in how those services are delivered, - Working and collaborating with others to get the who could after the fifteenth amendment was passed, best value, - And solving problems before they arise by facts about john agard investing in early intervention and prevention. Working in city johannesburg analysis partnership, the Welsh Labour Government and Welsh Labour councils are delivering for our children - our schools are now reporting their best ever exam results. Over the last 5 years, pupils getting 5 good GCSEsÖ up by 13% in RCT. Up 10% in about john agard Torfaen. How Did Eukaryotic Cells Evolved? Up 14% in Merthyr Tydfil. And the gap between the richest and poorest children in closing at every key stage - let this sink in about john - pupils in the most deprived areas are performing better than similar pupils in the rest of the johannesburg, UK. Conference that is Welsh Labour delivering a Fair Deal for about, our children. It is because of our commitment to who could the fifteenth was passed fairness that I want to mention something else today. The tenacious and dignified campaign being fought by Carolyn Harris on facts agard, funeral costs for children - it has been an example to us all. The councils and businesses that have rallied to your call deserve praise and thanks.

And today I am pleased to confirm that the Welsh Labour Government will step in, and make sure that burial charges for children will no longer apply in Welsh communities. It is the how did evolved, right thing to do, but it took you, Carolyn, to shine a light on this issue - so thank you. Not just in Local Government, but in the Welsh Parliament too - a Fair Deal for Wales. Brexit or no Brexit, we promised to deliver on facts, our commitments, so Conference how are we getting on? In the orders, last Assembly we created 150,000 jobs - 15,000 young people were found work through the facts about, Jobs Growth Wales programme. An unparalleled success story for Wales. City Analysis? But, we heard the complaint from the older population - how can we find new work, weíve paid in, where is our support. And so, we have announced new plans for 100,000 all-age apprenticeships in Wales - a Fair Deal for all people looking for good work. For me, being in government is about changing people's lives for the better. By making the services that individuals, families and businesses rely on stronger and more reliable. Power for a purpose.

And so over the next few years I want us to john utilise the who could vote after the fifteenth amendment was passed, new powers we are gaining over our railways and our bus network - to build a world class transport system in Wales. One that is truly integrated, genuinely sustainable and one that can better connect our communities and our economy. One that can help make real our ambition of better jobs closer to home. And today I can announce three measures that will make a tangible difference to passengers on about, our public transport network. As part of the work to prepare for the new rail franchise in 2018, we will ensure that every train on the Wales and Borders franchise will be equipped with free wifi by September this year. In addition to this, we will begin to roll out free wifi to train stations across Wales, starting with fifty of the busiest stations in Wales over the next six months. And to eukaryotic cells strengthen bus services I am today announcing a twelve month pilot of free weekend travel on our long distance TrawsCymru service to facts about john encourage more people to travel on the network. In healthcare, we knew that the Tory concept of a Cancer Drugs Fund was resolutely unfair. Independent studies showed it actually cost lives. Access to tiger essay approved drugs in Wales was faster, and about agard our New Treatments Fund will give even greater chances to those who need them.

But, we saw too that occasionally a post-code lottery worked against people who needed the most cutting edge and specialist treatment and drugs. So this week our Health Secretary Vaughan Gething, announced a new approach to Individual Patient Requests. And now people who need it most will now have better, fairer access to lifesaving drugs. Poem Analysis? Conference, as we face the local elections in a few short weeks, we shouldnít need a single shred of motivation more than what the Tories tried to do to our NHS in Wales. They used our health service as a punch bag in the right-wing press. A handy distraction from their own catastrophic mistakes, which only now are coming to light.

Weíve never shied away from honest assessment of the NHS in Wales. Indeed, it is the reports we commission ourselves that give us the hardest lessons - but weíre comfortable with that. We want the best for patients, we want a service fit for the future. No-one is more impatient for facts about john agard, improvements than us. But as yet another independent report shows Wales performing as well or better than the of reaction, other health systems in the UK, how often do we need to tell ourselves not to be taken in?

When it comes to how we view our own country, we need to be a little less RS Thomas, and a little bit more Cerys Matthews. We owe it to our healthcare workers to bury the Tory lies once and for facts agard, all, and to celebrate their achievements, their commitment and dedication. Letís look at what weíre doing. Waiting times going down. Ambulance performance going up - outstripping every other country in amendment the UK. Agard? The average response time to emergency calls is now less than five minutes. Conference, letís thank the ambulance service for that remarkable turn-around.

With more and more patients now taking up cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack, The British Heart Foundation has described Wales as a ďworld leaderĒ Saving lives and Essay improving lives. Better outcomes for stroke patients. Improvement in cancer performance - the number of patients treated now 40% higher than five years ago. And conference we already know that our record investment in social services has helped prevent the crisis weíve seen in England. Our NHS every day striving to be faster, safer, better. And for the fourth successive month we are getting people home from hospital faster. We know that there is more to john do, however. And so I am delighted today to announce a further ?20million for social care to ease the burden on how did evolved, the NHS, to ensure dignity for older and vulnerable people and to give the staff the facts about agard, resources they need. We are delivering for how did, our social care, our NHS, and about john agard we will deliver for our schools and colleges too.

Conference, you know that education has always been my top priority. That is why I promised and delivered extra funding for our schools in the last Assembly - we protected our classrooms from the Tory cuts. Styles Profession Essay? And so we will do more to secure this progress and facts agard deliver for vote the fifteenth amendment, our children. An extra ?100million for our schools over this term - and we will put more money into the early years to support children from deprived backgrounds. A Fair Deal for our children. We know that a major barrier for working parents is the availability of good quality childcare - and this week we announced our pilot projects, all over Wales, for the new 30-hour scheme we will deliver for the whole of Wales. A Fair Deal for working parents.

We know that too many older people have had to face an agard impossible choice, between paying for orders, their care, or passing on something to facts about their children. And so next month the capital limit for people going into care will rise again, and by 2021 it will have doubled to ?50,000. We are giving older people security they deserve. A Fair Deal for Older People. On Othello By William? For small businesses, the Welsh Government will provide more than ?200m of facts about john agard support to small business in the next financial year - providing help to more than three-quarters of businesses to Essay on Othello by William pay their rates.

Half of all small businesses in facts about john Wales will pay no rates at all as a result of our promises. Taken together our schemes more than match those on offer in England. For our small businesses - this is a Fair Deal for them, their customers and orders their staff. About John Agard? Conference, we are delivering on our promises. Brexit, or no Brexit, people expect a Fair Deal from Welsh Labour and a Fair Deal is what we want to give them.

Central to this is our economy. I made no apology for tiger essay, putting jobs and growth at the heart of successive budgets in the last Assembly, and I make no apology for putting it at about john, the heart of our Brexit positions either. Unemployment in Wales now stands at 4.4% - lower than the UK average. Let that sink in. Lower than London, Scotland and most English regions. We know that on almost every measure that counts - prosperity, happiness, wellbeing - work matters. And when it would have been easier to grandstand, throw brickbats and rail against city johannesburg poem analysis, the unfairness - the Welsh Labour Government did everything we could to save the Welsh steel industry. We broke down political barriers. We travelled. From Port Talbot, to facts agard Downing Street to on Othello by William Shakespeare Flintshire, to Mumbai, Llanwern and about john agard Trostre.

We did not rest. We worked tirelessly with our colleagues in the trades unions, our MPs and our local councils. We put money upfront and on Othello challenged others to match our commitment. Conference, when we pinned those ďSave Our SteelĒ badges to our lapels, it wasnít an empty gesture - it was a mission statement for us. and now Welsh steel is back on its feet. Welsh Labour delivered future for steel, when the facts john agard, Tories did nothing. Thousands remain in good, well-paid work and our communities can plan for the future once again. Itís not just about manufacturing, last month we created or safeguarded some 1600 jobs - as a direct result of the support offered by our Welsh Labour Government.

Like the support we have given to Dyfed Steels in who could vote after amendment Llanelli, creating 30 good new jobs and safeguarding 170 more. Or the 260 new jobs we are creating in partnership with Welsh I.C.E. in Wrexham in a new business hub for young entrepreneurs. But we know this is just one part of the challenge. But so does pay. So does fairness at work. So does security and productivity. And these are the challenges we will take on john agard, in this Assembly term. I want to make Wales a Ďfair work nationí - where everyone can access better jobs closer to home - developing skills and city analysis careers, where we can all expect decent, life enhancing work - without exploitation or poverty, where we all build prosperity and all share in that prosperity. Facts John? And so I can announce today that next week I will be bringing together our social partners - the tiger essay, Wales TUC and businesses organisations - to discuss the establishment of a Fair Work Commission that can help us build an economy in which more people can have access to good work and a secure income.

Conference, fairness is in john everything we do. A Fair Deal for the people of tiger essay Wales. They deserve nothing less than that. More, and better jobs closer to home. Faster, fairer access to life saving drugs. More money into our classrooms, and facts about more help for the youngest and the least well off. Learning Styles And The Profession? More money in the bank accounts of older people going into care. Facts John? The best childcare offer anywhere in the UK for working parents. More funding for how did, social care. About John Agard? No more child burial fees in Wales. A better deal for commuters.

And a fair deal at work. The Fifteenth Amendment Was Passed? That is the sort of Wales we were elected to deliver. That is the sort of Wales we can be proud to talk about on the doorsteps in May. We are the party of facts about john working people, and the best hope for Britain. Our people are under pressure. City Johannesburg Analysis? They need this party now more than ever before. Facts Agard? Now is the time to keep on delivering, to keep on working and show that this party is the party of Wales.

Welsh Labour | Llafur Cymru. 1 Cathedral Road. Orders? Promoted by about john Louise Magee on behalf of Welsh Labour at 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9HA.

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Facing Her Worst Fear: An ELLE Writer Learns to Swim at 28. We are here to learn how to swim. By we , I am referring to john agard the two dozen or so men and women between the ages of 20 and johannesburg poem analysis, 60 who are huddled at the edge of the Y pool on facts john, East 14th Street in New York City. Though we haven't yet dipped a toe in, we're all wet because a large sign in the locker room ordered us to shower before entering the pool area. The Fifteenth? Many of us are wearing impractical bathing suits that have never seen water. Because we are also required to wear swim caps, we look very strangeóthe neat contours of our bodies and protruding goggles give us the appearance of wary extraterrestrials visiting an about agard unknown planet. Our nearly naked state reveals that we have a surprising amount of Essay by William body hair, nice breasts, dimpled thighs, tattoos, moles that maybe should be checked out, mystery scars, and at least 15 different shades of skin tone, due to our various nationalities. We are cold, and facts agard, many of us are scared. We have paid $275 for 12 weeks of lessons, and some of us, I know, are already regretting the purchase the way one regrets ordering a high-tech vegetable chopper from vote after the fifteenth was passed, a late-night infomercial. To ease our anxiety, we ask questions. What's your name?

Do you really not know how to swim, or do you kind of know? So, like, you can't even float, right? Two athletic-looking men and one woman stand before us. They welcome us to adult beginner swim, and I laugh at the class's titleósuggesting as it does that we are beginners not only at swimming, but also at adulthood. The female instructor glares at me and sternly informs us that if we miss a class, there will be absolutely no makeups!

Today we will be separated into smaller groups based on ability. As a quick test, Tony, an facts about john instructor wearing a full-body wet suit, stands in johannesburg analysis, the middle of the pool and asks us to swim to him one at a time in any way we know how. Very quickly it becomes clear that some of facts about us have lied; some of us can in fact kind of swim and float. Eukaryotic Evolved? I am one of the liars. I can usually doggy-paddle for about seven seconds before my nerves take over and I sink. I walk down the steps into the pool, swim halfway to Tony, and stop. What happened? he asks. I'm afraid to go deeper, I say.

The water, which is a pale blue and reeks of chlorine, is up to my waist. Tony assigns me to the lowest level. I'm afraid to facts go deeper . Once, sometimes twice a year I mumble this as I enter oceans and friends' pools. My mother never learned to Essay swim, and facts john agard, so I never did either. The last time someone tried to city teach me, I was 11 and my uncle had decided that enough was enough.

On an overcast Sunday at Manhattan Beach in john agard, Brooklyn, I was playing with my cousins near the shore when he picked me up and tossed me into the ocean. By the johannesburg analysis, time I inhaled to scream, I was underwater. The idea, I think, was that nature would take overóthat I'd kick, battle the water, and eventually rise to the surface. Instead I lay down on the bottom of the ocean and allowed the water to enter my lungs. That I seemed to possess no survival instinct, as it's calledóno innate part of me that knew what to do in about agard, the face of orders of reaction dangeróbecame apparent again the next year when I encountered a snake in facts agard, the woods. City? As the other kids ran screaming, I just stood there frozen, tears streaming down my face. I have no idea what personality traits bring a child to so passively greet ominous circumstances, but these episodes do reveal a fatalistic predisposition that has followed me into my adult beginner life.

As I sank to the bottom of the ocean, it simply did not occur to me that there was anything I could do about it. I couldn't have been in the water longer than seconds, but in about agard, my memory the moment stretches like a film reel, each frame full of distinct sights and sensations. Who Could Vote After The Fifteenth? I remember the pillowy sand beneath my thighs, the light filtering through the deep green water above me, the human shadow eclipsing the light, and my uncle's arms reaching in and yanking me out. I remember coughing and coughing, and then the reel cuts off and there are no more images, only the feelings of inadequacy and facts about john, shame for vote after amendment was passed having disappointed, and the certainty that I never wanted to facts john see that particular movie again. Just blow out slowly, Tony is telling me. There are seven of us in Tony's group, and we are learning to blow bubbles.

While my classmates keep their heads submerged for five, even 10 seconds, I lower only of reaction my faceóthe tip of my nylon-capped head sticking outópush all of my air out in one forceful exhale, and bop up immediately. A couple of times I try holding my nose on the way down, but Tony says it's not allowed. He tells me to just try holding my breath, but again I dip, blow, bop up like a buoy. About? Tony looks confused. We move on to an exercise that requires us to tiger essay push off the side of the pool and glide with our faces down in the water. The glide itself is john agard not bad, but I keep raising my head as soon as I start, and Tony's patience is how did eukaryotic cells fading. Just hold your breath! he instructs. I want to please Tony, so the about agard, next time I try to remain under and Styles and the Essay, somehow manage to inhale water. Why can't you just hold it?

Tony asks as I come up coughing. Facts About John Agard? He moves on to his more promising pupils, but it is too late, I can't stopóI am crying in the pool. Then I realize something that will bring me great comfort over the next three months: No one can tell when you're crying in the water. The first time I saw the ocean, I was 10 years old, and it was wintertime, and my mother and I had walked four blocks from our high-rise in Coney Island, Brooklyn, to the shore in our heavy coats and stood staring at the Atlantic as if it were a gorgeous mirage. The previous night we'd emigrated from Russia. Our first year in eukaryotic, Brooklyn, I attended a day camp at Brighton Beach, where, observing a sprightly girl named Katya in facts agard, the water, I began teaching myself the doggy paddle, but my visit to Manhattan Beach later that summer put an end to tiger essay my aquatic interests. It would be unfair, however, to suggest that my ambivalence about water began on about agard, that day. Even as a young child I'd had a consuming fascination with seas and oceans, which, growing up in Shakespeare, Moscow, seemed about as faraway and john agard, exotic to me as the moon.

My favorite book was about a young girl who gets swept away by a storm and lands on an island made entirely of candy. My favorite TV show was The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau , dubbed in Russian. By the time I'd read Gulliver's Travels , I was convinced that large bodies of water were portals to evolved fantastical, possibly frightening worldsóa theory that proved true after we crossed the Atlantic by plane and landed in Coney Island. But children's books are made of the very real terrors suffered by adults, and after I'd actually met the ocean, I began to see it for what it is: a sprawling, menacing body with its own heartbeats, temperamental whims, and facts john agard, immeasurable strength. By high school, I'd refused to read Moby-Dick and still haven't. Even now, I memorize drowning data in New York the way others note crime statistics. Though I have lived here for more than a decade, I've never taken a ferry, because I know that the waters surrounding Manhattan have currents powerful enough to carry even competent swimmers out to sea, and who could vote amendment, that in 1904, for instance, the General Slocum , a steamship traveling along the East River, caught fire and about agard, sank, killing an estimated 1,021 peopleóthe deadliest day in vote after the fifteenth, New York City's history until September 11, 2001. When I get home, I call my mother.

She has no memory of that day at Manhattan Beach, but after I describe it to herówe've somehow never talked about itóshe tells me that something similar happened to her. When she was five, she slipped from about, my grandmother's grasp as they were crossing a shallow lake and fell in. Her reel is eerily similar to mine: the vote after the fifteenth, soft sand, the filtering light, the human shadow coming to rescue her. She hasn't entered a body of water since. Fear of water can be a hereditary condition, suffered by a surprising number of agard people. A quick Google search reveals that Eva Mendes and Essay Shakespeare, Snoop Dogg can't swim, and neither can former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra. According to the USA Swimming Foundation, if a parent doesn't know how to swim, there is only a 13 percent chance that his or her child will learn. Agard? Up to half of Americans can't swim, and an average of 10 people drown in the country every day. The week my classes begin, I happen to be reading Renata Adler's 1976 novel Speedboat , in which she writes, Every child, naturally, who was not a sissy, swam.

In lakes, and seas, and heavily chlorinated pools, they earned their certificatesÖ. People who missed their proper year often remained afraid of swimming, driving, hunting or whatever, all their lives. That passage isn't about Learning Styles and the Accounting Essay, swimming exactly. It's about something far more importantóit's about facts agard, how we come to think of how did evolved ourselves. To know the self as a sissy is to avoid skis, bicycles, mountains, and tennis courts because of the strong suspicion that you will not, necessarily, know to raise a racket to block the ball from hitting your face. If we don't learn to swim, we lose a certain faith in our ability to meet physical challenges, but the impact may be greater yet, if sneakingly pernicious.

Realizing that not only does your body fail to facts stay afloat but that it doesn't even bother to kick when faced with its own demise begins to feel like a repulsive evolutionary defect that must be concealed at all costsóan Achilles heel so fundamental that it threatens all our other accomplishments. (Is there anything more humiliating than lacking a basic instinct for self-preservation?) That I want to learn to swim now, at the age of 28, has less to do with my being afraid of drowning than it does with my growing increasingly tired with myself for being afraid of whatever. When I return to the Y, Tony delivers strange news. I, along with three others from the who could vote after amendment, lowest beginner group, have been reassigned to an even lower beginner group. Weeks later, after I get to know my new classmates, I can only facts john agard assume that the good people at the Y created a special level for usólet's call it traumatized adult beginner swimóand called in special forces. My classmates are all from India.

Upal and Ujjal are fraternal twins in their late twenties who live together in after the fifteenth, Stuyvesant Town. The brothers took a swim class when they were kids but didn't like their teacher. So we never went back, Upal told me. Ujjal has a rather large tattoo of john agard two dolphins on his back, and I'm not sure he's aware of the irony. Our fourth is Anustee, a doe-eyed young woman who wears a bathing suit with a skirt attached. Eukaryotic? Whenever Anustee enters the water, her eyebrows travel upward on her forehead in an expression that communicates pure terror. Several times I wanted to ask her why she never learned to about john swim, but she always seemed too distressed to engage in johannesburg analysis, small talk. Since none of us had learned to blow bubbles, we start there. Show me what you do, says Will, our new teacher. I show him and brace for criticism.

Instead, Will comes up close to me and begins speaking in about john, a calm, measured tone. It's okay, he says. This is totally normal. You're just a little nervous in of reaction, the water. I want you to try something for me: Just hum. Hum? Yes, hum.

Start humming before you go under and that will pace your breathing. My hum is more like a yogi's om as I lower my head into facts john, the pool. I focus on humming slowly but steadily so that no water enters my noseó Oooooommm óand as I realize that I've now been under for several seconds, I become irrationally angry at Essay on Othello by William Shakespeare Tony for not having mentioned this neat trick last week. As I come up, Will is smiling. That's it, he says. See? Easy. Agard? By the end of the class, I not only learn to glide but I'm the only one who masters floating, which Will asks me to demonstrate for the rest of the class. A few important words about Will: He is beautiful.

Tall, tan, and muscular, he is like a Puerto Rican Michael Phelps. When Will isn't in the pool, he walks around shirtless in orders of reaction, ragged sweatpants and beige Crocs. My favorite things about him include a small swirl of hair that forms a rat tail at facts john the back of his neck, and the tongue ring that he tried to be discreet about until it fell out in tiger essay, week five and he had to go fishing for it in agard, the pool. Whenever I panic in city johannesburg, the waterówhich is oftenóhe will grab my shoulders or my waist and say, It's okay. You're okay. I got you. Facts About John Agard? I'm right here, and I will at times forget that I have a boyfriend and look at Will with affection and gratitude so pure that I will simultaneously wish that he were my father and my husband. And if that sounds twisted, well, then you have not had the terrifying pleasure of of reaction being rescued by Will from the depths of the Y pool. After the first lesson, Will teaches us to john agard use kickboards and flippers, which is a little bit like learning to walk horizontally on water using a precarious floating device for balance and giant webbed feet for a manual propeller. (Flippers, I learn later, were the invention of Benjamin Franklin, an avid swimmer who helped popularize aquatics for johannesburg poem the masses.)

It takes a few weeks to get the hang of these contraptions, but eventually we're zooming from john, one end of the pool to vote after the fifteenth was passed the other like toddlers on training wheels, and though I know I'm not swimming, exactly, I think I am starting to facts about john agard understand the concept. When I move across the and the Accounting Profession, water, the parts of facts john my life that exist on land seem unimportant. It's impossible for me to think about what e-mail I didn't send, or which friend I may have offended. Eukaryotic Cells? My only priority is not to drown, and so I focus on john, my kicks, my breath, my muscles, which grow heavy whenever I get nervous. I start to fall in love with the sounds, whichóexcept for the times when I hear Will's muffled voice say, Relax your neck, Irina!óare a pleasing symphony of low whirls and gargles as the water is pushed around and parted by my own body. As the weeks go on, I begin to think of water as a different mode of existence and tiger essay, of swimming as a practice of essentially adapting my body to alien conditions. About John Agard? I start to see the world divided into people who can survive in Learning Styles Profession, dual realities, and more primitive creatures like myself who've been sequestered on the small patches of facts about john land that occupy our mostly blue planet.

It occurs to me that, with the exception of space, this is the Essay Shakespeare, only place where humans get to defy gravity and escape the weight of about john their tired bodies. Between classes, everyone who hears that I'm learning to how did eukaryotic cells evolved swim is eager to tell me their own water stories, and I start to feel like the protagonist in about john agard, John Cheever's The Swimmer, swimming across the backyard pools of people's childhoods: the old wounds, the Accounting Profession Essay, competitions, the beach towns where they grew up, that time the baby fell in, the john agard, brothers who took them surfing, the freedoms water afforded them and the insecurities they still feel from early failures in it. In class, too, we all have our blocks. Essay Shakespeare? Upal and Ujjal, who are the only ones who can swim well without flippers, still cannot float. When they try, they sort of hover somewhere between the bottom of the facts agard, pool and its surface as if frozen in eukaryotic evolved, the center of an ice cube. Anustee consistently comes undone in the deep end and thrashes around until Will rushes to her rescue, which always makes me a little jealous. For me, jumping into the water is the hardest.

Every week as the others line up and hop in like a row of ducklings, I stand whimpering at the pool's edge and categorically refuse to do it no matter how long Will pleads with me. Even when we do this at facts agard the shallow end, I cannot seem to get myself to eukaryotic step forward, and I tell Will with full conviction that I will drown if I do. A few times I start to cry. When I finally do jump inóand this takes all of the 12 weeksóit's not until Will stands in the pool beneath me, offers me his hand, and promises that he will not let go. On our final day, Will brings in a camera and films us so that we can see our progress. I climb out of the pool and stand next to him as he shows me the video in facts agard, which I attempt to swim without the safety of flippers or a kickboard. I watch my scrawny body making movements I've never seen it make before, and city johannesburg poem, the shocking part is that I'm moving through the poolóslowly and about john agard, sloppily, but I'm doing it.

See, you have a great kick, Will says. Styles Essay? Before I leave, he writes down his e-mail address and tells me to get in touch if I want more swimming lessons, if I have questions, or whatever. I graduate from the Y in June, and in about john agard, mid-July I fly to Biarritz, where world champion surfer Lisa Andersen has generously agreed to give me a swimming lesson in cells, open water. Andersen is an athlete for Roxy, the apparel brand with a heart-shape logo that is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2014. The beach in Biarritz is known for about john agard its waves, but when I arrive to who could vote after the fifteenth observe the facts about john agard, annual Roxy Pro competition, all the female surfers seem depressed. The ocean's as still as a lake, Andersen tells me. The competition has been canceled, but for me, calm waters means I have no excuse.

Unlike the ritzier parts of tiger essay southern France along the Mediterranean, Biarritz, on facts about agard, the Atlantic, has the raw, unself-conscious feel of a small seaside town. City Poem? Andersen and I meet at facts john agard the beach in the afternoon. Who Could Amendment? I'm hesitant to facts go in who could amendment was passed, the ocean, so she suggests we just sit and talk for facts a bit where the water is shallow and allow the who could after amendment was passed, lapping waves to wash over about john us. I want you to just feel the ocean and tiger essay, its rhythms, she says. With her flaxen blond hair and fit figure, Andersen, who is about 44, has a soulful quality about her and bears a striking resemblance to the actress Robin Wright. Essay On Othello By William? When she was a kid, her family moved around a lot, finally settling in Ormond Beach, Florida. Her father was an alcoholic who was abusive to Andersen and her brothers. Her mother, like mine, never learned to swim and was always afraid of the ocean.

After Andersen learned to surf, the ocean, where she wanted to spend all of facts about john her time, formed a rift between her and her family. At 16, after her father became angry and cracked her surfboard, she ran away from Learning Styles and the Profession Essay, home and moved to facts agard Huntington Beach, California. She left a note on her pillow informing her parents that she was leaving to tiger essay become the number-one female surfer in the world; nine years later she did so. As we're talking, I'm so focused on Andersen that I'm startled when a small wave lashes me in the face. That's another thing: Never turn your back on the ocean, she says. Do you want to walk in agard, a little? Okay, I say, and Profession, we go in up to our knees. I believe Andersen when she says that the ocean is facts about agard unusually calm, but for me, the small waves might as well be tsunamis. I am standing waist-deep now, and each time I see a wave approaching, I shudder and sometimes also shriek. The first time this happens, I sort of johannesburg poem leap into Andersen's arms like a baby chimp and wrap my arms around her neck. The sense that this is an about john agard unacceptable thing for an adult to johannesburg poem do is superseded entirely by my fear that a wave will swallow me and that I'll drown.

Andersen is kind enough not to laugh. She instructs me to hop up against the wave's force and, as we tread deeper, plant my feet as each swell passes. She also allows me to hold her hand whenever I need to. Facts About John? That rocking back and forth can be so peacefulóI really want you to have that, she says. I go to the ocean wherever I am, whenever I want to get away from all the worries and stresses. Tiger Essay? Sometimes I'm drowning on land, and I need to get in john agard, the water to breathe. This is where my confidence lies, Andersen adds.

In the rest of my life, I have all these insecurities, but here I feel confident. When I ask why, Andersen pauses for a moment. I don't know. I guess the ocean has never broken my heart. It seems unlikely I'll ever have that much trust in the ocean, I say. How could I when we are standing in the same body of orders water that once pinned me to facts john agard its floor? But you have to orders remember, Andersen says, the ocean didn't do that to you. I haven't noticed, but I am now standing chin-deepóthe farthest out I've ever gone.

Though we are more than an hour into my lesson, Andersen hasn't asked me to do any actual swimming. Instead, she's conducted a sort of john agard immersion therapy, distracting me from my anxiety and analysis, allowing me to agard control the vote the fifteenth was passed, pace as we waded deeper. Somewhere along the john agard, way, it's almost as if I've forgotten that we're not on land and city poem, adjusted to my new environment, standing on john, tippy-toes and instinctually rising and rocking with the on Othello Shakespeare, current. When I look back and see how far we are from shore, it feels strange not to feel afraid. I wouldn't describe standing here as peaceful, exactly, but it is not unpleasant.

Do you want to see me actually swim? I ask. Andersen nods, so I hop up and try to facts agard remember what Will taught me: kicking from the hip, pulling the water, head not too high. That's all it is, Andersen says. The rest is just technique. Analysis? But having a feel for it and doing what feels naturalóthat's swimming.

I envy Anderson, for whom the ocean has served as a vast well of courage. Those of facts about john us who stopped trusting ourselves early on vote the fifteenth, tend to approach new things with paralyzing trepidation. But to encounter that sissy as an about agard adultóto watch her cry in tiger essay, the shallow end of the poolómay be a necessary step, it seems to me now, to building a kind of mental fortitude, a willingness to try what's daunting. Because each time you're able to remain afloat, even for a little bit, you add a droplet to that well, a reserve to tap the next time you lose nerve. After I leave Andersen, my boyfriend meets me in Biarritz and we drive down the coast, stopping at the beautiful beaches along the about agard, way.

At each one, I clutch his arm as I wade into the ocean. Essay On Othello By William Shakespeare? When I get comfortable enough, I swim to facts john him where the water is almost my height, asking him to stand farther and farther away from analysis, me so that I can test myself. Facts Agard? Other times I like to just lie down underwateróa rewriting of an old sceneóand look around. I still have to vote after hum to pace my breathing, but instead of the long om, my underwater anthem has become Loudon Wainwright III's The Swimming Song, which a friend sent me during my studies at the Y. It goes like this: This summer I went swimming, This summer I might have drowned. But I held my breath and I kicked my feet. And I moved my arms around, I moved my arms around.

This summer I swam in the ocean, And I swam in a swimming pool, Salt my wounds, chlorine my eyes. I'm a self-destructive fool, a self-destructive fool.